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LoveLess is a game about asking a girl you like to the school dance.

Any bug reports and feedback is appreciated as the game is still in early development. Please share us your other thoughts as well at the discussion board it would be very helpful!

Or answer this survey instead: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUL3WKEbQ-fGdGlehXb3zHegqK9RQWxpFIpw5O...

The tags currently attached is what the game is felt to be for the time being and some may not fit. So if anyone has any suggestions on what the tags should be for the LoveLess please share your thoughts.

Force fix commands are Backspace and if it is still not working Right Shift + Backslash [ \ ]. Try to avoid using these commands when unnecessary as it may create more problems in game.

For those interested in joining the LoveLess Discord community there is a link below:


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LoveLess Alpha v0.1.zip 30 MB

Development log


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